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Beauty Steam Comb

Beauty Steam Comb

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Material: Plastic


Width: 6.5 cm

Height open: 19.5 cm

Height closed: 12 cm

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One Click Spray

With just a press of a button, the brush releases a fine mist of steam, which helps to moisturize and detangle your pet's fur, making grooming sessions more comfortable and enjoyable for your furry friend.

Gentle Massage and Cleaning

The brush features soft bristles that provide a gentle massage for your pet's skin, promoting blood circulation and relaxation. It also helps to remove dirt and debris, keeping your pet's coat clean and free from impurities.

Versatile Pet Grooming

This 3-in-1 cat and dog brush combines the functions of a pet spray brush, a grooming comb, and a hair removal comb, making it a versatile tool for all your pet grooming needs.